TEDxKoçUniversity 2016 Theme: Vortex 

Life is an eternal vortex with its rises and falls. Sometimes we try to swim away from it, and sometimes we dive deeper and swim faster. Can this natural phenomenon that we cannot comprehend and fear could have an another meaning for humanity? The future is a vortex of technology, science and social relations that’s been pulling us to itself with great strength. As TEDxKoçUniversity, we would like to deliver a meaning to this intimidating vortex that’s been whirling towards an unknown end.

As TEDxKoçUniversity, we are curious of the positive consequences of letting the vortex lead the way as well as the negative ones. With the help of our speakers, we will discuss how the pull of the vortices may evolve humanity to a much more prosperous and fresh start. Besides that standpoint, our speakers will also address the possibilities of escaping the current situation by standing out against the flow of the vortex and discovering new paths.

The event will consist of different sections that’ve been inspired by the different vortices observed in our lives. Our speakers will examine the pulling forces of the vortices depending on their areas of expertise and backgrounds on the topic. Some of our speakers will defend the conveniences of going with the flow, opposingly some others will suggest withstanding the flow despite its power and determination.

In this sea of unknown, we invite you to explore the diverse paths in which these different vortices are drawing us. Our speakers will enlighten and amaze us with a journey down the many possible paths that lie ahead of us in such a chaotic environment. With their expertise we will explore new ways of contemplating the idea of a vortex.